Kanabah Shurkan ya Sahbety

(Couch my best friend)

Ahlan International Language Academy is closed on Fridays. Nonetheless, the organizers often come in to do prep work on this day of the week. Or so they say. Last night, Hamada told me he would be arriving at the school “early” today to make some phone calls and show me how to use the scheduling system. The apartment I stay in is across the hall from Ahlan’s interior door, meaning I am responsible for opening and closing the school whenever necessary. I unlocked the exterior door and school door at noon today figuring he’d be here before 2 p.m. – the time he arrived yesterday. It’s now well past 6 and Hamada is nowhere to be found.

The French teacher complains to me (and probably every other Westerner she can find) about the laid-back style here. “Egyptians know no time,” she said a day or two ago. The last thing I want to do is argue with my hosts, but today I plan to point out that Hamada’s tardiness is costing him the amount of water that’s still dripping from my bathroom sink.

I’m finishing Karen Armstrong’s Islam on the couch you see in the photo above. It’s my favorite nap spot.

Crossing my fingers someone comes to the school today…


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