Losing my Taste Buds

Although the electricity blackouts have been fewer in number the last couple days, the school and apartment WiFi decided not to work the last 24 hours. Hamada finally called customer service this afternoon, who said it was their fault. It’s back on now. I said “Ay!” and Hamada, sullenly: “Welcome to Egypt.”

My tongue was feeling extra smooth against my teeth yesterday, and it wasn’t until after we lost WiFi that I realized a portion of my taste buds had gone missing.

My camera is too large for close-ups, but the loss of buds is still visible along the left (my right) side of the tongue. P.S. The apartment decor is not mine

It was difficult to sleep not knowing what’s causing this, or whether I’d wake up in the morning! But it doesn’t hurt and is not swollen, so I decided to wait and see. With WiFi today, the answer: Due to a lack of B vitamins, a tongue can change colors, swell, shrink and, “when the deficiencies are still more severe, the taste buds literally disappear,” according to this wonky vitamin website. It went on to perfectly describe my situation as a whiney, elderly person:

First the tip and edges become smooth and shiny; then the buds disappear progressively from front to back. This extreme condition is found most often in elderly persons whose diets have been inadequate for years; they complain that their food has little flavor.

The same site suggests a link between “severe tongue changes” and “faulty” digestion – specifically when there is a low output of digestive enzymes. Considering my stomach issue, change in diet here and the fact that taste buds grow back, I think it’s safe to say I’ll be fine. I’ll look for a B-vitamin supplement at the grocery store.


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