Catching Up

After a 2-week absence, I’m back with this photo and a few others to say “Hello again from Egypt.”

“Micro bus” trips to and from Ahlan promise some of the most interesting minutes of my days.

I’ve made more eye contact with children here than adults, in part because women are rarely out and about, and because men either don’t look at me or make me want to not look at them. But also because young children haven’t learned to control their curiosity the way Egyptian culture or Islamic tradition seems to eventually require. To me this picture reflects that change.

The two girls appeared to be sisters sisters. They sat in the seat in front of me with a woman I presume to be their mother. The elder girl (right) was apprehensive, it seemed, from the moment I sat behind them. She’s nearing the age when Muslim girls here take the veil, as her mother had. The younger girl was playful, wide-eyed and peeked over her shoulder at me a number of times. We smiled at each other. But her sister whispered something in her ear and she stopped turning around. The older sister kept an eye on me the rest of the trip. My reaction was to turn on my camera.


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