Egyptian Currency

$1 American = EGP (Egyptian Pounds) 7.15

The Egyptian pound is also called lira, although I’m not sure why because that’s a term recognized for Turkish and Italian currencies, but not Egyptian.

The Egyptian equivalencies of “cents” are called piastres.

It’s easier to see in the photo on the right that the currency is sized slightly larger by value. In the photos, the left columns are whole pounds – from top: 200, 100, 50, 20 and 10. The right columns are, from top: 1-pound coin, 50-piastres bill, 25-piastres bill and 25-piastres coins (old on right, new on left).

Not pictured: the 5-pound bill and 50-piastres coin.

Egyptian currency: English-text sides
Egyptian currency: Arabic-text sides

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