The Gazette

For contributions to Black Forest fire coverage:

Second Place
2014 Colorado Associated Press Editors and Reporters Award



Volunteers in Morse recall effort rewarded with gift cards, ammo and gun

May 30, 2013

In a campaign to recall a Colorado Springs state senator over his stance on firearm regulations, supporters can win gun-themed prizes.

Bob Kooser found out Thursday in a mass email to volunteers working to recall Colorado Senate President John Morse that he won a 30-round ammunition magazine.

“We’re doing it because we believe in the cause, but it’s nice to be recognized,” Kooser said.

Other prizes for volunteers with the Basic Freedom Defense Fund and El Paso Freedom Defense Committee campaigns: gift cards, ammunition and a 9 mm pistol.

The prizes underline a cause uniting Morse opponents. As Senate president, the term-limited Democrat pushed a slew of firearm regulations through the state General Assembly this year that expanded background checks, increased firearm-related fees and banned the sale of high-capacity magazines.

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Green Mountain Falls ponders elimination of police department

July 12, 2013

With the Green Mountain Falls mayor out of the loop, the town’s Board of Trustees has been exploring the possibility of replacing the town marshal with a private security company.

Green Mountain Falls Chief of Police Timothy Bradley had heard rumors for months, but he said he received confirmation of the town Board of Trustees’ plan last week when emails were forwarded to him containing security contractors’ bids for handling the town’s law enforcement.

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Colorado Springs gets advanced shipment of Twinkies

July 12, 2013

The goodies last hit the shelves in early December, 2012. Bankrupt and bleeding creme filling, Hostess was then sold to Metropoulos & Co. and Apollo Global Management, who mended the broken brand.

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Colorado Renaissance Festival invites thousands to sample history

July 9, 2013

Princess Elizabeth is marrying the bad guy, but you wouldn’t know it if you saw her at the 34th annual Colorado Renaissance Festival.

“I have been known to spit on him,” said Kristy Ekiss, who has played the princess in the festival’s royal court for the past six years.

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